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The story of Dress Up Town

In a town, far, far away, lies a castle...
A rocky palace where astounding attire is considered a necessity of life,
Where butlers follow every order without question,
And where music can cast magic.    

Kiku Strawberry,
The high lady of the town, is named the queen of rock by her townsfolk.
Only She has the potential to reclaim the throne of the strawberry kingdom with the power of anime music.
she selected the best butlers from the international butler academy
And created the greatest band in all of the land.


Every single day, the band performed a variety of anisongs in their town.
The townsfolk became ecstatic and celebrated deep into the night,
all While enchanted by the magic created on stage.

The musicians’ notes and lyrics echoed through the region with a single message:
“we must share the power of this uniquely diverse music with the world”. 
This led to the townsfolk slowly becoming followers of Kiku and her butlers. 
It was the birth of the Anime Revolution.


Then, One day, the whole town started wearing cosplay.
The schoolchildren, the working class and even the strawberry farmers…
All were dressed up as their favourite anime characters in support of the revolution.


There is a saying that when you enter this town, there is no going back.
This Lazy Good Land of anime music will surprise you for a lifetime
and fill your heart with the happiness you oh so deserve.


Welcome to Dress Up Town

~At Your Service!



Let me fire up your day

Kiku Strawberry


I live to serve the lady




Aller, c'est parti

Jean-Pierre Tonnerre



As you wish

Funke Corbyn Carmichael Fox



licks n sticks can break a bone

Jonathan Jackson

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