The story of Dress Up Town

In a town far, far away lies a mansion...

where cats wander in every corner, 🐱

cute dresses are considered a necessity of life 👗

and butlers follow every order without question. 🎩


Kiku Strawberry 🍓

A somewhat 'dreamy' princess,

has the grand dream to become the biggest Anisong artist in the world!

She ordered her butlers to pick up an instrument and form a rocking anime band. 🎸


Anju and her band started performing in their town every single day.

The townsfolk were ecstatic to see their princess on stage. 👑


This led to the townsfolk slowly becoming addicted to anime and the Anisongs sang by Anju. One day, the whole town suddenly started wearing cosplay.

The schoolchildren, the working class and even the strawberry farmers.

All were dressed up as their favourite anime characters. 🧙‍♂️👨‍🎤🧝‍♂️


There is a saying that when you enter this town, there is no going back.

This Lazy Good Land of anime can surprise you for a lifetime

and fill your heart with the happiness you oh so deserve. 💕


Welcome to Dress Up Town

~At Your Service!


Ooooh, is that a strawberry?

Kiku Strawberry



I live to serve the lady

Walter Winston




I found the key to fabulousness

Sebastian Gabriel


Aller, c'est parti

Jean-Pierre Tonnerre